Sunday, August 22, 2010

Purple Cows Don't Sneeze.

What? Do cows even sneeze? They must... they're around all that hay all the time. Or is that horses? I don't think it even matters, though, because in most cases cows aren't purple.

I must explain myself. Have you ever really had to sneeze and someone told you to visualize a wet cow? As soon as you do, without fail, the sneeze will vanish and all you can think of is a smelly drenched cow and how frustrated you are, because of course that sneeze will return within a matter of minutes. The saying, for me, has always been a purple cow. Or a wet purple cow. Not many people I've met have ever heard of such a thing, but I was friends with a quirky bunch in high school, and we made such things exist. And they all stuck.

So hence the title of my new adventure: "Purple Cows Don't Sneeze". How can they? They're purple. If they saw themselves in the mirror then they would be so confused the sneeze would cease to exist, if they even had to sneeze in the first place, which is questionable.

Now that anyone who is reading this is sufficiently confused, let me explain the premise of what I am trying to do here. I have been neglecting my writing, and I'd love to start doing more. I also find a lot of obvious, everyday things either interesting, hilarious, or just something I want to share but never get a chance to. I also love to be ridiculous. So here's the plan: combine the three. Brilliance? I think yes.

It may take me a couple weeks to really get going, as I haven't written much in the past couple months.. (or more...yikes), but I'm going to try and post something at least three times a week. Maybe we'll even get to once a day! Short stories, poems, quips, or just a quick observation that I thought was worth a giggle or a sigh.

So please, if you'd like, check back in! Maybe even leave me a comment every once in a while to boost my self confidence, or lower it, whichever you prefer. If anything, just to let me know someone is reading. But, until then, au revoir! Wish me luck. :)